DiOS 4.0 Intraoral Scanning System

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The Dental Direkt DiOS 4.0 (Medit i500) innovative intraoral scanner combines all the benefits of digital scanning technology and is available at an unbeatable price. Reap the benefits of lifelike color scans, realistic, accurate and detailed images, and maximum openness during data exchange, all delivered at a remarkable speed.

High ROI
We created the DiOS® 4.0 scanner with a high Return On Investment in mind. The design and software allow for an unparalleled performance at a very competitive price.

The DiOS® 4.0 uses an open CAD/CAM system, allowing you to export STL files and share it with your preferred lab, or to easily transfer files and track your progress throughout the entire workflow.

Impressive speed
Using two high-speed cameras, the DiOS® 4.0 scans quickly and efficiently. With its intelligent scan detecting algorithm, the DiOS® 4.0 picks up where it left off for a smooth scanning experience.

The DiOS® 4.0 does not require the use of powder for regular cases, making the scanning process more seamless and the experience more pleasant for the patient.

Single Crown: Trueness (Accuracy) = 4.2 μm (±0.49 μm)
Precision (Consistency) = 2.1 μm (±0.58 μm)
Full Arch: Trueness (Accuracy) < 50 μm