DOF Freedom UHD Lab Scanner

  • $16,000.00

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Articulator Compatibility
Freedom UHD will read occlusion relationship directly from your existing articulator. You can mount your existing major splits on to Transfer Plates and transfer physical coordinates to CAD software.

Freedom UHD is perfect for scanning gypsum models. But it is also optimized for silicone and alginate impression. Our innovative HSS algorithm enables you to capture areas that are difficult to scan and output final positive models.
Everything cannot be digital. We understand sometimes you need to rely on the pencil marks hand-drawn by yourself. The Freedom UHD will provide a feature for you to scan pencil lines overlaid on your digital data.
Not only will you benefit from a quick scanning process, but you will also save your working time by using no fixtures. With a combination of 5.0MP cameras and USB 3.0, Freedom UHD can now offer a high-quality data with speed.

SINGLE DIE - 27 Seconds

FULL MODEL - 50 Seconds

7 DIES - 47 Seconds


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