Imetric ICam4D

  • $23,600.00

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The ICam4D Package includes everything to perform the measurements for the first 60 All-on-Four restorations (240 ICamPositions). It includes the ICam4D, power supply, cables, and a calibration plate. Imetric provides a set of eight ICamBodies (Multi-Unit RP), a set of eight ICamRefs, as well as the training free of charge. A configured and tested laptop computer is offered as a purchase option. 


The ICambody is used to measure the position and orientation of the implants/abutments. They come in a set of 8 ICamBodies. Each ICamBody can be used for up to 30 ICamPositions. Up to 240 ICamPositions can be measured with one set of 8 ICamBodies. This gives up to 60 All-On-Four restorations.